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This website aims to offer CBSE students Class VI – X a new tool to practice English grammar and excel their performance in English Exam. It helps the students to make fast & smart practice after school hours. Students need not rush to any Coaching Circles for grammar practice now. Here you can make practice at your time and ease and can check result and remarks instantly.

For CBSE sample papers, tests papers, grammar practice & MCQ Tests the students should access Three Practice Rooms as they Sign in.

STUDENTS‘ WORKSHOP – This room contains the sample papers for different classes in ‘worksheet‘ form.

GRAMMAR & TENSES – This is to provide the learners step by step practice of a few very important Grammar modules and to make them understand the basics of the language in very easy way.

MCQ TEST – Here Students can generate their own Multiple Choice Question tests and can check their performance.

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AMUSE aims to make English easy for the learners.
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