This is www. amuseonline.com and I am Amrita, the host, a self –trained programmer of Language activities‘ a committed English trainer and ardent lifelong learner of the language. Teaching English and making it easy for the learners is my aim and my passion that I am realizing by providing practice classes to learners at my institution, AMUSE.

A long teaching experience has made me know the queries, requirements and improvement sectors of the native learners. Consequently I designed easy and amusing practice-drills to make the learner speak English. The success stories of students at AMUSE increased the demand of the English Course ‘Amrita Makes You Speak English’ and the result was the dawn of a new desire.

“I should reach & teach more native learners who dream to speak English !!! But How ? I should have my own website and software ! AMUSE SPOKEN ENGLISH COURSE must have its own place on internet ! ” I thought. This is how www.amuseonline.com was born.

The website today provides online grammar practice worksheets, sample papers, MCQ test etc. to the students of CBSE, ICSE and other state boards to excel their academic performance. The Speaking Practice through audio files is a boon for native English learners and IELTS aspirants.

“English is Easy at AMUSE ”, the learners say. Self praise is no recommendation. Come and explore the possibilities yourself. Dexterity in any field demands sincere efforts. Perfection demands Practice !

Practice at amuseonline.com everyday only for a few minutes and experience the change !

A little practice everyday leads to big results !

Love & Luck !

AMUSE aims to make English easy for the learners.
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